My true passion as an advisor is to create an environment that encourages women to become more engaged, an environment where they feel comfortable learning, asking questions and gaining the knowledge they need to feel more confident and savvy with their money. I’ve put together these savvy financial questions for you to ask yourself to gain insight on your financial situation.

Are you  actively involved in planning your financial future?

Even if you have a partner who takes care of the family finances, you should make sure you take responsibility for your finances.

What is your current financial situation?

Knowing your current situation such as monthly income and expenses, your emergency fund, your net worth and having a clear understanding of where you are financially is crucial. This becomes even more important in cases of divorce or if you be come widowed.

What are your financial goals?

Are there financial goals you have in mind, such as saving for your kids education, retirement or investment property? Having a goal in mind is great so you can start putting together a plan to achieve your goals.

What are you doing to educate yourself financially?
By talking to us, we can help you gain confidence in your finances through conversations and our education seminars.