Our company name change to Simpli Insurance Group

What’s new?

Rudichuk Insurance & Financial Services is excited to announce our company name change to

Simpli Insurance Group.

Our services will continue to include:

  • SGI Auto Issuing
  • General Insurance – SGI Canada, Wawanesa and My Mutual Insurance

(Home; Personal & Commercial Auto; Farm and Business)

  • Health Insurance – Blue Cross and GMS (Travel, Health & Dental)
  • Financial Planning & Investments
  • Life & Disability Insurance

We appreciate your business and the trust you have placed in our company. It is an honor to look after your insurance protection.We are “Simpli” changing our name and still remain committed to serving you in the future.

A bit of history:

Rudichuk Agencies was formed in 1957 by Edward Rudichuk in Reynaud, when he purchased the SGIO Insurance Agency from L.C. McFadden of Basin Lake. Edward then moved to Wakaw and ran the agency until his passing in 1991. His son, Daryl Rudichuk then took over the reins of Rudichuk Agencies. Daryl moved the office in May of 2005 to its present location along Highway #2 in Wakaw.Daryl managed the Agency until his retirement in February of 2013. At that time, the business was purchased by current owners, Laurianne Osmak and Carlyle Sholter.

With this new structure, Laurianne brings in a professional expertise with the addition of Lawton Partners where she offers complete Financial services, Retirement planning and Investment strategies.

As a Certified Insurance broker, Carlyle leads the way in the Insurance side of the business with the support of very qualified team. Carlylehad previously taken over his father’s insurance agency in St-Benedict since March 2011. Tom Sholter had managed this agency for over 30 years.

Then, in May 2016, the town of Bruno warmly welcomed Rudichuk Insurance. Dust Agency was purchased and the new venture for our 3rd location started in Bruno.

On April 7, 2017, Rudichuk Insurance & Financial Services was honored by SGI Canada with an award for 60 years of service. The award was presented to Laurianne Osmak and Carlyle Sholter by Joe Hargrave, Minister of SGI and Andrew Cartmell, Chief Executive Officer and President an SGI Canada.

Then in February 2018, another partnership was created with the Agency in Viscount, when Valerie Schlosser from Schlosser Agenciesjoined our Rudichuk team.

Finally, in May 2018, Simpli Insurance Group was born and allows us to offer services in 4 locations: Wakaw, St-Benedict, Bruno and Viscount.

Thank you to our exceptional staff who always serve our customers in a very professional way.

Our leaders are proud to continue the legacy in a friendly community atmosphere.

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