Long Term Health

WE ALL WANT TO LIVE long, healthy lives and enjoy a full and energetic retirement. A balanced lifestyle, including eating well and staying active, can help achieve that goal. However, lifestyle is only one part of the story. A complete retirement plan involves considering what might happen down the road so you are ready to face any challenges.

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estate planning

Do You Need An Estate Plan?

Do you have an “Estate”? It may sound grand, but you probably do. Your estate may include many kinds of assets – Such as money, property, a bank account, investments, a car, a house or other possessions. So, if you have an estate, you would be advise to consider the benefits of an estate plan.

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Ease Into Retirement

After 21 years as a communications professional in Waterloo Ontario, Cathy knew it was time to see what else life had to offer. Instead of taking a more traditional retirement route, Cathy made arrangements with her employer that allowed her to ease into the next phase of her life.

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