Why Women Prefer To “Refire”

The word “Retire” often drums up images of rocking chairs and sunsets, but for many women “Retiring” is more about “Refiring” their lives. After spending much of their lives caring for others, that retirement opportunity often creates an opportunity to rediscover their passions and purpose in life.

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Executive Benefits

What steps are you taking to become debt free?

In a recent survey1 of homeowners by Manulife Bank, 40 per cent of respondents said they’d made extra payments on their mortgage during the last year. And many indicated they’d be willing to do more to pay off debt sooner by cutting back on extras like daily coffees, dining out or going to the movies. The fact that many Canadians are taking or are willing to take a concrete step to reduce debt is great news. But on the flip side, other findings suggest that many Canadians are having difficulty coping with debt.

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