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Get ahead of your debt-even the good kind

Debt seems to follow us through our lives. From our first student loans to mortgages, credit cards, lines of credit and car loans, it feels as if there are an endless number of debts to pay off. And an increasing number of Canadians are becoming more comfortable with taking on debt. A recent survey shows many homeowners see debt freedom as an important long-term goal but, despite that, more people aim to “manage” debt than to become debt-free in their immediate plans. Read more

Are You Credit Savvy?

What is your reaction to the term “CREDIT”? Excitement over an upcoming purchase? Tension because of the burden of repayment ? Without a firm grasp of credit and how it works, you may feel a mix of emotions when facing a purchase decision or financial situation where credit is needed – and that’s understandable. But credit can be useful: it just needs to be managed correctly.

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Do You Have A Power Of Attorney?

IT INS’T AN EASY THING TO THINK ABOUT, but what if you couldn’t make decisions about your finances or health care- either temporarily or permanently- because of an illness or accident? You would want someone to step in. Creating a power of attorney lets you chose that person and grant him or her the appropriate authority. Read more

Avoiding the Money Talk

You’ve Had A Long Day. Your partner has had a long day. You’re finally together, with a chance to chat and relax. Let’s face it: talking about finances is probably the last thing either of you want to do. Many of us hesitate to talk about finances. Differences in values, attitudes and financial priorities may make money conversations a source of stress and conflict. Although it sometimes seems easier to avoid the topic, it’s important to ensure that you and your partner are aligned and working towards common goals. Some other compelling reasons to have the “money talk” are to:

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