Is it an Assumption or is it True?

How often do we let our assumptions rule the day, relying on what we assume to be true without really knowing the facts. Assumptions can cause a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety often prompting us to make decisions that are not always healthy or productive.

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Why procrastination can be your biggest issue

So many women allow their lack of financial confidence to hold them back from making important financial decisions. Their lack of knowledge can cause serious procrastination often creating more serious financial issues. While there is a time to pause and reflect, like after the loss of a spouse or divorce NOT taking action can sometimes cause additional issues that could easily be avoided.

What financial issues hangs heavy on your mind and should be addressed now?

You Too Can Be a Courageous Woman

Being wealthy and financially engaged takes courage. For many women, their fear of facing their financial affairs only comes to light after experiencing a personal life crisis, divorce, and loss of a spouse or involuntary retirement. At that point your actions are more about survival. It takes courage to weed through the emotional aspects of challenging life events but your lack of financial knowledge only exacerbates an already stressful situation.

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3 Simple Steps to becoming more confident with your money

Women are notorious for putting off making important financial decision or even facing their financial life, why? The most common answer is “I don’t know enough” or “I don’t understand it all.”

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